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The digital age has arrived for corporate data storage, with the reliability and convenience of digital archiving outweighing paper record-keeping for most types of files. Let’s assume that to get each file indexed (250 files per roll) would be an additional $30/roll, for a total project price of $17,500. Tidewell Hospice, based in Sarasota, Fla.

However, going paperless is far easier than most companies realize.

The service enables you to convert PDFs. Vital Records Control is here to help your Norfolk, VA company on its journey towards digitization, offering document scanning services for companies throughout the surrounding region. A To-Do List App.

. “One of my clients scanned 10 banker’s boxes filled.

Whether it be back-scanned files, or day-forward scanning, we’ll help you convert that paper into pixels and reap the rewards of having a modern, digital office.

Scan to cloud filing systems like DynaFile allow HR to convert to electronic personnel files quicker by automating a large chunk of the process.

. Smooth Solutions is a professional document scanning company that specializes in making information easily accessible in digital format.

. If you’re well organized and regularly store important notices and bills in electronic files, digital access can save time and offer quick retrieval of important documents.


Many businesses and organizations would have difficulty storing this much paper so it would probably be in their best interest to scan the documents or microfiche and microfilm.

Every day, we process paperwork for some of the world’s most regulated and arduous different types of top e-commerce.

Tidewell Hospice, based in Sarasota, Fla. . It also helps keep your office clean and clutter-free.

. For businesses and government agencies with microfilm and microfiche archives, we offer a wide variety of secure microfilm conversion solutions including our hosted Digital ReeL application, traditional scanning to PDF/TIFF files, and scanning and importing to your existing electronic document management system. $622,498. Apr 10, 2018 · class=" fc-falcon">Total annual cost w/ file manager. .

We scan the source drawing and address crookedness, speckling (unwanted pixels), and blurriness.

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Paper records – Paper records include folders of student records, bankers boxes of files, oversize bound books, large format engineering drawings, and index-card sized card stock files, among many others.


If you have boxes of documents, consider how much time it will take to go through the papers, scan them, upload files, name files, and organize them appropriately.

Save important paperwork or your favorite photos by scanning them at a FedEx Office near you.

Quickly and easily.