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3. 518 other terms for great job- words and phrases with similar meaning.

做 做.


. to make, to produce 2. .


" "I really enjoyed looking through your work. ”. Nothing can change that, not even you.

. Be mindful of the phrases an interviewer uses throughout the interview—particularly at the end of the call.

" "Wow, that's impressive.


S. done a pretty good job.

. 50 Alternatives to “Good Job”: 1.

You were created to excel.
Fabulous! 6.
That’s a.


Write a first text that (almost) guarantees a reply using the next SIMPLE formula.

2. I knew you had it in you! This is a great achievement. definitions.

When It’s Your Boss. ( April 11th, 2023). . . Lists. #13 I knew you were capable of a lot.

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It's important to time your compliments well. 3.

" "I'm grateful to call you my colleague.

You're on the right track now! You've got it made.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to praise your manager; however, there is something wrong with making up compliments that couldn’t be further.

Here are some things to say to someone who just got a new job: Congratulations on your new job! I'm so happy for you.